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Poker EH! Canadian Poker Radio feat Laurence Grondin and Matthew Marafioti | QuadJacks Poker Radio Network April 19 2012

Laurence Grondin and many poker players have a beef with a recent newspaper article and Matthew Marafioti tells us about how he and Daniel Negreanu went from bitter rivals to partnering up in an attempt to take the poker world by storm – Canada style!

Laurence Grondin refuses to stay quiet when she feels wrong has been done to her or the game she loves so much. Grondin, the EspaceJeux poker pro was visibly upset last week when an article came out in French newspaper Le Journal de Montreal – the article indicated how bad EspaceJeux was doing and talked about the problems associated with the site and why it shouldn’t be in existence.

One problem – what should have been an editorial was an actual article, one-sided, without rebuttal – plus, the article contained tons of half-truths and false information.

Take this for example; the article states that the EspaceJeux platform was not up to par with rival “International” sites … stating that you cannot play multiple tables on the site. Well, as Laurence was getting ready to join us to talk, she was just wrapping up a session on EsapceJeux – where SHE WAS 11-TABLING!!!

We all understand that poker (and all forms of gambling) carries a certain stigma, that some cannot control themselves and Laurence agrees that help needs to be offered to those people. But, people have been gambling from Day 1 … remember that Aristotle was rolling dice back in 320 BC!

I also asked Laurence about the upcoming One Drop 25K qualifier at the Casino du Lac Leamy in Gatineau and we talked about Daniel Negreanu’s latest blog and the state of females in the world of poker – she gives fantastic answers, as only Laurence can!


A less than 100% Matt Marafioti rocked our collective ear drums with some incredible answers and stories.

“My girlfriend wanted to try to crab bisque”

Word to the wise; don’t go for cream-based soups at the Seminole Hard Rock in Hollywood, Florida … then again, the problem might be Marafioti’s stomach not being able to handle said soups, as his father has told him time and time again that his stomach doesn’t do bisques!

At the tender young age of 24, Matt Marafioti already refers to some select poker players as “kids”, that’s because Marafioti has been kicking asses and taking names for a while now, both online and live. Marafioti has been on a fantastic run on the live tournament circuit since late last year – he recently finished second to Phil Collins at the Palms’ Heartland Poker Tour Main Event.

Marafioti talks about an article written in a Toronto-bases magazine from a few months ago and explains why Poker Eh! host Eric describes him as the Ric Flair of poker!

Finally, Matt talks about what was up with his rift with fellow Canadian Daniel Negreanu and how the two ended up burying the hatchet and becoming friends.

It’s another great episode of Poker Eh! for your listening enjoyment!

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