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We turn the tables on EVhero this week as the interviewer becomes interviewee as we dissect and discuss his latest revelation –
that he has chosen to abandon creating and posting new videos on his popular YouTube channel in order to focus more on poker.

Jon Harnish also comes back to talk about big buy-in tournaments coming to a Canadian casino near you!

Poker EH! Canadian Poker Radio feat Jeremy Sibthorpe and Jon Harnish | QuadJacks Poker Radio Network March 29 2012

Poker Eh! co-host Jeremy Sibthorpe — a.k.a. EVhero — has been working hard at posting videos up on YouTube for over a year now. His videos range from live video from final tables, educating the masses on do’s and don’ts online and how he’s doing as he grinds it out daily online. His channel has been a very popular one and EVhero has fans that go as far down as Argentina!

Well, our man EVhero dropped a bombshell on the poker world earlier this week when he announced that he was no longer going to post videos on YouTube, at least for the time being.

Sibthorpe states that he needs more time to focus on his game and more time to stay away from poker. EVhero mentions that making these videos takes a ton of his time, and he admits to thinking about what he’s going to talk about during his next video and actually working on these videos while multi-tabling online, taking away from his focus.

“It’s one of the most stressful jobs”

We dive into a subject that seems to be taboo in poker — the burnout. Seems like many players around EVhero’s age are coming close or experiencing symptoms of burnout — the simple fact of the matter is — as EVhero explains — that poker isn’t for the faint of heart, whether it’s the crazy long hours, the lack of a balanced life, the fact that players don’t eat regular meals, more and more young poker players — especially online grinders — are feeling the effects, even at such a young age.

Regular contributor to Poker Eh! Jon Harnish of Canada Poker discussed big buy-in tournaments coming in the next few months in Canada, including a 10K buy-in tournament at the Playground near Montreal and the 25K buy-in qualifier to the One Drop 1M buy-in WSOP tournament at Casino du Lac Leamy minutes from Ottawa.

Jon also talks about the latest results from the Montreal PartyPoker Classic, including Kara Scott’s run at Le Windsor and Canadians looking for stakeholders in upcoming major tournaments and his love in putting money on some of those “horses”.

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