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Poker EH! Canadian Poker Radio feat Tyler Bonkowski and Owen Laukkanen | QuadJacks Poker Radio Network April 12 2012
We were lucky enough to be joined by two great guests on Poker Eh! this week. Team 888 Poker Pro Tyler Bonkowski and author Owen Laukkanen join us to talk about what they know best!

Tyler Bonkowski is a young, talented poker player brimming with confidence … you would too if you were a signed poker pro, representing a site that is currently trending upwards in the poker landscape – did we mention that he’s already won a WSOP bracelet?

The Team 888 Poker Pro talks about his experience at his first WSOP final table and speaks to us about his ascension in the poker world.

Finally, Bonkowski shares his thoughts on (freshly-signed) fellow Team 888 member Georges St-Pierre, how he found out about the news, how he got to coach St-Pierre and what type of player Georges is at the poker table.


Poker reporter, fisherman and now author – when it comes to careers, Owen Laukkanen sure knows how to pick the most stable ones!

The author of the critically acclaimed “The Professionals” – his debut thriller about four friends who turn to “low-stakes” kidnapping in order to earn a living – is certainly excited to see how his book has been received by so many, Laukkanen discusses how he came up with the idea for the book, how a sequel is already in the works.

“What the heck, I have a car!”

Did Laukkanen drive escorts in a previous career? Maybe not, but Laukkanen is a proud fisherman by trade and is a former writer for PokerListings, where he traveled the world covering poker tournaments.

Laukkanen talks about both subjects and tells us what’s next for the new author.

Join us for a wonderful conversation with one of Canada’s brightest young authors, we are sure we will all be seeing big things from Laukkanen in the very near future.

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