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1:28am PT:
It's all over! Gus Hansen will take the final seat for the One Drop, Shaun Deeb must settle for a cool, crisp one million dollar paycheck ... poor guy ... talk to you in the morning.

12:50am PT:
It's final four time as ElkY has just been eliminated in fifth position, but, he's playing tomorrow anyway!

12:41am PT:
The action has been fast-paced and we are now down to our final five players ... Deeb, Somerville, Hansen, ElkY and Failla ... the players are now on a short break discussing a deal

12:11am PT:
Players currently on a 10-minute break ... we are down to eight players as Alex Bolotin was eliminated by Gus Hansen and Sam Trickett was ousted by Will "The Thrill" Failla, who had quite the level, doubling up twice and then busting Trickett when both had virtually the same amount of chips.

On the final hand before the break, ElkY doubled through Igor Kurganov.

During the level, the players learned that Steve Meling (who's still alive) qualified on a $65 satellite in order to participate in this event. Turing $65 into 18M? Not a bad few days at the office.

10:58pm PT:
With EPT Grand Final Champion Mohsin Charania's elimination (and Justin Bonomo falling just before him), we are down to our final table of 10 players ... play has stopped, redraw to follow - here are the final 10, in no particular order ...

Hansen, Kurganov, Awad, Meling, ElkY, Bolotin, Trickett, Deeb, Will The Thrill and Somerville.

10:39pm PT:
BREAKING! Seth Palansky announces that Phil Hellmuth has won the Aria qualifier, will be playing One Drop after all!!

10:25pm PT:
Trip 8's are so very good: It took a while for Justin Bonomo to call Shaun Deeb's all-in bet with a rainbow board that included (2) eights ... Bonomo called, Deeb was holding A8 and now has a monster stack in front of him, Bonomo in trouble.

10:10pm PT:
Jason Mercier has been eliminated

9:40pm PT:
Break time

9:35pm PT:
They are falling like flies! Down to 3 x 7-player tables ... Timoshenko, Rast amongst the latest to bust.

Updated Table Notables:
364 - Trickett, Mortensen, Charania, Somerville, Hansen, Jacbson
365 - Turner, Bonomo, Frankenberger
366 - ElkY, Mercier, Failla, Deeb

9:15pm PT:
It will have costed Eugene Katchalov 1.025M to play the One Drop - he's out of the qualifier but registered for The Big One nonetheless.

9:05pm PT:
Was Sam Trickett Tricked? We're missing an ante, who's the culprit? The dealer believes that Sam Tricket did indeed put in his ante.

A confident Trickett starts talking to one of his friends on the rail. The floor speaks with the other players at the table and determines that Trickett is the one who did not put in his ante.

"You listen to them and not your dealer? That is the worst decision I have ever seen" said Trickett, but, at least he and the other players were able to laugh it off

8:59pm PT:
Steve O'Dwyer has been eliminated

8:45pm PT:
While I was away ... thanks to the QuadJacks family, great hosts, as always. Back to the qualifier ... only four tables remain, here are some notables ...

363 - Hennigan, Mercier, Trickett, Bonomo
364 - Mortensen, O'Dwyer, Katchalov, Frankenberger, ElkY, Jacobson
365 - Hansen, Shaun Deeb, Timoshenko
366 - Turner, Somerville, Rast, Failla

6:40pm PT:
Off to "Close the Action" with the QuadJacks boys ... catch me live at/around 7pm Pacific ... i'm be back here right after.

6:25pm PT:
Players on dinner break. Sarkis Osalian leads with Gus Hansen and Jason Somerville right behind him.

6:15pm PT:
New table draws ...

359 - Eric Cloutier, Seiver, Hansen, ElkY, Habib
360 - Soulier, Fleyshman
361 - Trickett
362 - Timoshenko, O'Dwyer
363 - Hennigan, Koon, JP Kelly, Bonomo, Blom
364 - Mortensen, Baxter, Katchalov, Frankenberger, Jensen (Glantz eliminated)
365 - Charania
366 - Mercier, Turner, Somerville, Rast, Failla

6:00pm PT:
Payouts! First gets a seat to One Drop, second gets on the alternate list (gets 1M if he doesn't get in) and third getes 400K ... fourth gets years of "what if"

5:40pm PT:
Current table of death? We have two candidates ...
363 - Koon, Bonomo, JP Kelly, Hennigan, Dolan (Toby Lewis just ousted)
364 - Mortensen, Baxter, Frankenberger, Seiver, Jensen, Glantz

5:00pm PT:
As cards are back in the air a few notables have officially entered ... Table 359 welcomes Gus Hansen - to ElkY's immediate right and table 363 welcomes Viktor Blom ... looks like Sam Stein has been ousted from the tournament.

They are breaking a table and some players are going to be moving around, we'll try and provide an update once the dust settles.

4:30pm PT:
Players are on a 20-minute break ... here are a few notables still alive at the tables ...

358 - Alaei, Katchalov, Timoshenko
359 - Benyamine, ElkY, Eric Cloutier
360 - Soulier, Failla, Fleyshman
361 - Trickett
362 - O'Dwyer
363 - Hennigan, Koon, JP Kelly, Bonomo
364 - Mortensen, Baxter, Turner, Jensen, Seiver, Glantz
365 - Mercier, Charania, Hastings, Lindgren
366 - Frankenberger, Terry, Stein, Somerville, Rast

Looks like Jason Somerville has the chip lead from the stacks. Roberto Romanello and Martin Jacobson seem to be in but I did not notice them, will try and find their table ... Shaun Deeb just tweeted that he is on his way from the Aria after a marathon session.

4:15pm PT:
It is insane to see the mass of people playing poker today ... the 2pm DeepStack sold out with tons of people still in line trying to resgister ... the cash games cash has a lineup, One Drop qualifier, Ladies Championship continues and more ... three rooms are full of poker players - it's wonderful to see!

3:45pm PT:
Sorry for the delay, was saying hi to a few friends playing in the 1,500 and also begging Eugene Katchalov to win the One Drop, he was my first pick in the WSOP Media Draft!

Table updates:
360 - Add Fabrice Soulier, Will Failla to that table
361 - Frank Kassela eliminated, add Sam Trickett to that table
362 - David Doc Sands eliminated
363 - Add JP Kelly to that table
364 - Add Carlos Mortensen to that table
366 - Add Todd Terry, Sam Stein to that table

2:45pm PT:
Just got to Rio, here's the first quick look at the tables in play...

Table 358 - David Alaei;
Table 359 David Benyamine, ElkY
Table 361 Frank Kassela
Table 362 Doc Sands, Steve O'Dwyer
Table 363 Jason Koon, Justin Bonomo
Table 364 Billy Baxter, Scott Seiver, Matt Glantz
Table 365 Jason Mercier, Brian Hastings, Erick Lindgren
Table 366 Andy Frankenberger, Brian Rast

Eric Danis

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