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Poker EH! Canadian Poker Radio feat Justin Kelly and Adrienne Rowsome | QuadJacks Poker Radio Network May 3 2012

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POKER EH! MAY 3 2012

Some great things are going on at the Playground Poker Club near Montreal and Justin Kelly can’t wait to tell us about them! Plus, in her first live interview, Talonchick aka Adrienne Rowsome talks to us about her recent move to paradise, all things poker and about the life of a PokerStars Online Pro!

The Playground Poker Club is in middle of an awesome run and who better than Playground Poker Club Marketing and Business Consultant Justin Kelly to have to talk to us about the latest and greatest at Playground!

The Playground Poker Classic is currently ongoing, smaller buy-in events were featured at the start of the Classic but the big-boy and girl events are on the horizon. It’s Main Event time starting this weekend and we can’t wait – big name pros Mike “Timex” McDonald and Christopher McClung are expected to be part of the field … and for the finale? A 10K buy-in High Rollers Event!

“It’s the Undertaker v. John Cena for the title!”

At least, that’s what Justin’s marketing partner – and MEGA WWE fan – Phil was dreaming of when he thought of awarding Championship Belts instead of bracelets to the winner of the Main and High Roller events – great initiative!

Justin discusses the recent visits of Phil Laak and Antonio Esfandiari (genuinely good guys), some current and legendary Montreal Canadians (including Habs goaltender that, according to Justin, can certainly hold his own at the tables) and THE man himself, MMA Superstar Georges St. Pierre.

The Playground Poker Club and on the front lines of “the way to do things in the era of social media” – they are certainly doing great things – For Players by Players!



PokerStars Team Online Pro Adrienne Rowsome – known to most as TalonChick – could actually be the coolest chick on the planet. Granted, I haven’t met all women on Earth, and I tend to think my Mom and sister-in-law are pretty cool, but Adrienne grabs you – she is genuine and is exactly the person that young, up-and-coming poker players should be looking up to.

You see, TalonChick is different than most online poker players – especially the other members of her PokerStars Online Pro family – she has tons of responsibilities, she is a little more mature (yes Adrienne, this means you’re older ) than most “online poker culture” grinders and, more importantly, she has a regular 9-to-5 job.

Don’t get me wrong, she still puts in a ton of hours grinding online (find her ripping souls at the Omaha tables) but, for example, in order to make her way to the PCA in the Bahamas this past January, Rowsome had to ask for time off from her regular job … something that is SO foreign to most online grinders.

Before you go on thinking that Adrienne is just a sweetheart that would fold the nuts to you out of kindness – need I remind you that she made her ascension in Omaha by kicking the asses of old men – and taking their pensions at 10/20 stakes – don’t feel bad, these are the same men that wanted to make her go broke ASAP because she was infringing on their “guy” time.

“I always thought there was something wrong with Henrik Sedin”

Swedish twins? No thank you says TalonChick. She’s a Edmonton Oilers fan forever – despite her recent move in the Okanagan (the most beautiful place on Earth in you ask her) – in Vancouver Canucks country. You can take the girl out of Edmonton, but, you can never take the Bill Ranford #30 jersey off the girl!

Adrienne Rowsome is a tremendous ambassador to the world of poker, and she takes her job as ambassador very seriously – she answers all questions from the up-and-coming pros to the everyday once a month 0.10/0.25 limit grinders! TalonChick is the real deal and I for one am proud to call her a fellow Canadian.


Hope you enjoy this week’s Poker Eh!

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