Monday, May 9, 2011



Ole-Kristian Nergard (pictured) leads the way for the second straight day at the EPT Grand Final in Madrid. Nergard was the Day 1B chip leader following Sunday's play; he kept things going today and will come into Tuesday's action as the chip leader!

The group chasing Nergard includes Kristoffer Thorsson, who sits second in chips, about 15k in chips behind the leader.

French pro Hugo Lemaire is fourth in chips while US pros Melanie Weisner and the electrifying William Reynolds are right behind Lemaire.

EPT Berlin champ Ben Wilinofsky refuses to go away - he is 8th in chips and is looking to make it two EPT titles in two months.

There are a bunch of other big names also in the race as Day 3 action approaches - Weinman, Ramdin, Gomes, Karr, Sunar, Reinkemeier, Palovic to name a few.

We're down to 104 runners, here are some of the notable chip stacks:

Ole Kristian Nergard 726,000
Kristoffer Thorsson 701,500
Daniel Weinman 676,000
Hugo Lemaire 658,000
Melanie Weisner 543,500
William Reynolds 541,500
Ben Wilinofsky 533,000
Victor Ramdin 494,500
Alex Gomes 476,500
Juan Maceiras 430,000
McLean Karr 422,000
Surinder Sunar 381,000
Tobias Reinkemeier 334,000
Dag Palovic 289,500
Tim Finne 218,500
Lucien Cohen 198,500
Ivan Demidov 198,500
Xuan Liu 168,500
David Sonelin 155,000
Ted Forrest 130,000
Allen Bari 127,000
Pierre Neuville 110,900
Leo Fernandez 106,000
James Bord 96,000
Will Molson 90,500
Eugene Katchalov 66,500
Daniel Heimiller 60,000
Mikhall Shakhnovich 56,500
Raymond Wu 39,000
Fatima Moreira de Melo 26,000

We lost many big names on Monday as well - the list includes: Pastor, Thorson, van Zadelhoff, Busquet, Brooks, Lundmark, Tureniec, Strassmann, Chouity, Boeken, Cajelais, Medic, Kravchenko, Lewis, Margets, Boeree, de Wolfe, Brenes, Vamplew, Langhamm, Phillips, Black, de Korver, Jason Mercier, Luske, Vandersmissen, Naujoks, Visser and Mattern.

European Poker Tour Madrid Grand Final
EPT Grand Final
May 7-12, 2011

Casino Gran Madrid
Madrid, ESP

Buy-in: $15,295
Prizepool: $9,833,810
Entries: 686

Defending Champion: Nicolas Chouity

1st position 156
2nd position 96
3rd position 81
4th position 71
5th position 66
6th position 61
7th position 56
8th position 51
9th position 41
10th position 31
11th position 26
12-14th position 24
15-17th position 21
18-20th position 18
21-23rd position 14
24-27th position 11

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