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8:28pm PT
Time for some food ... 90-minute break, see you back here at/around 10pm PT ... I'll be stopping by to do another report with @AgentMarco during the break as well ... check it out over at

8:22pm PT
Former World Champion Jonathan Duhamel has been eliminated by Bill Perkins ... down to 44 players.

7:50pm PT
Frederic Banjout has eliminated Jens Kyllonen, Kyllonen finishes in 46th position.

7:30pm PT
Blinds are up! Last level before the dinner break ... 10K/20K with a 3K blind

6:50pm PT
Brian Rast is the second player eliminated at the hands of Brian Rast. Richard Yong has been moved to this table.

6:30pm PT
Counts at the break (by seat position)...

Table 381
Voulgaris 2.9M, Bulychev 2.4M, Gruissem 4.2M, Katz 2.5M, Guarascio 940K, Reinkemeier 4M, Ruffin 2.7M, Laliberte 4.1M

Table 391
Rajkumar 3.1M, Marchese 3.7M, Esfandiari 3.4M, Schulman 998K, Lamb 3.4M, Steven 3.9M, Ivey 4.1M, Seidel 1.5M

Table 401
Perkins 1.6M, Banjout 4.3M, Robl 3M, Kyllonen 3.4M, Rast 4.9M, Trickett 5.1M, Duhamel 1.4M

Table 407
Shak 1.9M, Smirnov 5.7M, Morgan 4M, Baldwin 3.8M, Galfond 2.4M, De Wolfe 2.7M, Katchalov 1.5M, Dwan 1.5M

Table 409
Yong 2.8M, Mercier 2.9M, Shakerchi 2.8M, Schwartz 2.4M, Hansen 4.4M, Newey 2.2M, Einhorn 3.9M, ElkY 1.4M

Table 411
Phua 1.5M, Grinder 1.2M, Sexton 3.2M, Bright 2.9M, Hellmuth 6.5M, Negreanu 2.8M, Salomon 4.3M, Palihapitiya 2M

6:20pm PT
Breaks are not good for Table 401 ... for the second straight time, that table goes on break late ... this time, Jonathan Duhamel gets hit hard, loses a big one to Brian Rash ... Duhamel now down to 1.425M in chips, Rast at 4.9M

6:10pm PT
Players are on their second break of the day, we hope to have udpated chip counts shortly ... looks like Hellmuth may emerge from this level as the chip leader

5:30pm PT
Current table captains (Most chips at each table, according to ChipTic)...

ESPN Stage - Philipp Gruissem 4.23M
Table 409 - Gustav Hansen 5.05M
Table 411 - Paul Phua 4.8M
Table 391 - Phil Ivey 4.4M
Table 401 - Sam Trickett 5.12M
Table 407 - John Morgan 4.64M

5:15pm PT
Back from a little report with the boys at QuadJacks ... ran into fellow QJ teammates Jared Tendler and THE MAN, All-American Dave!

4:44pm PT
Massage Watch: Nothing but the more important news coming from me today ... as it stands, Rick Solomon, Grinder, Bill Perkins and Frederic Banjout are all enjoying their complimentary massages at the moment.

Apparently One Drop players get free massages, nice!

4:36pm PT
Huge fold ... with a four-card straight on the table you can understand why Roland De Wolfe took a long while contemplating what to do as Mikhail Smirnov was all-in. De Wolfe eventually folded - neither player showed their hand.

4:10pm PT
Justin Smith is the first player eliminated from the Big One for One Drop.

4:06pm PT
ChipTic has the updated stack for Smith but not Banjout - he's a big chip leader with over 5M in chips at the moment. Back from break

4:00pm PT
As we were going to break, Justin Smith and Frederic Banjout were involved in a pot. Smith was shown the nuts and now sits with 27K in chips and could very be our first player eliminated unless he starts hitting big.

3:48pm PT
Players are finishing up their hands and we are on a 20-minute break ... back with Level 3, blinds at 5k/10k with 1k ante

2:47pm PT
Blinds are up! 4k/8k with a 1k ante ... ChipTic starting to update chip counts, this could be an awesome thing for poker if it works.

2:25pm PT
For Canada Day, Haralabos Voulgaris and Guy Laliberte (both Canadians) have decided to win most every pot over on the ESPN Main Stage.

2:05pm PT
All-in .. CALL! 6M pot between Durrrr and John Morgan ... same hand, chop, chop ... meanwhile, we're still 7-handed at Table 411 ... anytime you're ready, Phil!

1:47pm PT
3,000/6,000 blinds with 1,000 Ante - shuffle up and deal!

1:35pm PT
Grinder, Hellmuth and Negreanu at the same table? Yum Yum!

1:20pm PT
We'll be ready to go shortly ... here is the view of only part of the rail in front of the ESPN Main Stage ...

12:55pm PT
Players are completing their media obligations as we speak, we will have a Cirque du Soleil presentation, followed by a few words from Guy Laliberte and then, it's go time!

Plus, Shaun Deeb trending on Twitter worldwide? Phil Galfond tweeting that he hasn't felt this way since HS football games? You know this is a big one for sure!

Eric Danis

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