Wednesday, December 21, 2011



The 2011 poker season is almost in the books and while we're gearing up for an exciting 2012 - we're busy crossing every t and dotting every i by reviewing all eligible events from 2011 - making sure we didn't forget anything along the way.

Other goings on at PTPR:

You may have noticed that we've finally acquired our own domain name (about time, I know, I know!) ... find PTPR at - site is still hosted by Blogger and will remain a "blog post" style of site.

It's also award season and we're currently working on our end of year awards from 2011 ... see who's taken over from the Mizzis, Selbts' and Pilgrims in 2012. We'll be releasing award winners every few days starting later this week ... first up, the 2011 PTPR Poker Tournament Rookie of the Year.

We're also currently working on historical data (going back to 1979 believe it or not - where the first poker tournament qualified under PTPR criteria)- who's the best live tournament poker player of all-time? We'll let you know sometime in the new year - and we'll have the stats to back it up!

Finally, who will it be? Who will become the 2011 PTPR Poker Tournament Player of the Year? Will it be Ben Lamb and his amazing WSOP run? Will Steve O'Dwyer's sick end to 2011 be enough to pull it off? We'll have our official winner in coming days!

Have a great end to 2011,

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