Friday, December 31, 2010



We had all heard the rumors. We all had noticed that the Poker Brat was no longer sporting his UB logos at tournaments. We all knew that something was about to happen ... but did anyone predict this?

Within minutes of checking our latest tweets, the members of the poker world were treated to some of the best drama ever - scenes from an Acadamy Award winning movie happening, live, on Twitter!

The Twitter world was buzzing yesterday. Within the next hour, both Annie Duke and Phil Hellmuth - two of the most recognized names in poker - were gone - both deciding to part ways with online site UB - a site that both Duke and Hellmuth help build from the ground up.

Annie Duke's Twitter Post:

Starting new chapter in my life. Decided to leave UB, but the future’s exciting for me and the place I’ve called home for more than a decade

Phil Hellmuth's Twitter Post:

Making a BIG move...leaving UB. Truly lots of great memories, but it's time to move on...Mutual decision...Looking forward to BRIGHT future!

With all the troubles UB has been through in the past few years, it's not shocking that both players would leave - but, the timing and the dramatic exits certainly were shocking moments.

So, what next for both Duke and Hellmuth? Only time will tell. Something that we do know is that UB is dusting itself off and acting quickly. They are surely going a younger, more aggressive route. Here is a link to UB's statement on both Duke and Hellmuth leaving ...

Pokernews caught up with Joe Sebok, Team UB member and ambassador, for his thoughts on the mega-stars leaving his team - here is a link below ...

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