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UPDATE: After fallin third in chips, Vanessa Selbst has just won a monster pot rivering a straight - now holds a 2 to 1 chip lead on nearest opponnent, Ibrahim Raouf now crippled

Vanessa Selbst is looking for her second PTPR Premier Event title in the past 6 months. After winning NAPT Mohegan Sun in April, Vanessa now is the chip leader at the Final Table of France's version of the November Nine at the Partouche Poker Tour Grand Final in Cannes.

Vanessa holds a slight chip lead over Raphael Kroll. We're already down to five player left at the final table. Fabrice Soulier is sitting fourth in chips. A win by Vanessa would place her in the Top 5 of the PTPR Player of the Year Race. With a now guaranteed "worst case" 5th place finish, Selbst is assured of 37 points, and will be the 26th player to hit the 200+ point mark for the season.

The Nine were cut to eight a few hours before the start of the final table - Ali Tekintamgac, who was to enter final day play 4th in chips, was disqualified after officials discovered he formulated a plan to cheat - placing friends in "repoter" and "blogger" roles and allowing them to reveal to him what his opponents hole cards were.

Here's a look at the final 9 participants prior to the start of final table play...

1. Vanessa Selbst - 3,951,000 (USA)
2. Fabrice Soulier - 3,652,000 (France)
3. Ibrahim Raouf - 3,492,000
4. Ali Tekintamgac - 3,289,000 (Germany) **Disqualified
5. Mickael Etalapera - 3,129,000 (Finland)
6. Raphael Kroll - 2,390,000 (France)
7. Soren Kongsgaard - 1,073,000 (Denmark) ** Eliminated
8. Tobias Reinkemeier - 819,000 (Germany) ** Eliminated
9. Cyril Andre - 600,000 (UK) ** Eliminated

Partouche Poker Tour Grande Finale Saison 3
PPT Main Event
September 2-November 6, 2010

Palm Beach Casino
Cannes, France

Buy-in: $11,921
Prizepool: $7,972,034
Entries: 764

1st 132
2nd 82
3rd 52
4th 42
5th 37
6th 32
7th 32
8th 17
9th 17
10th 17
11th 17
12th 15
13th 15
14th 15
15th 15
16th 12
17th 12
18th 12

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